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Firefox devs can go eat an ass for all I care

Today I was forcibly updated to FF3. Cool. Time to see if any of the horrid memory management bugs have been resolved yet. But no, this is actually *not* a rant on how FF devs are completely unable to write a memory management algo. No, it's about the new FF url searchbar.

Anyway, the new URL searchbar has two features:
- Can search for title as well as url (mildly annoying, though I can see it being useful sometimes... takes 5 seconds to disable in about:config).
- The new "RichResults" viewformat.

The latter is hateful. It is ugly, takes up too much bloody space, displaying less URLs than it could in the same amount of space, and gives me useless extraneous information (I do not CARE about what is in the webpage title tags. It is quite often 100% useless and irrelevant). The real issue is this:
There used to be an option in about:config, browser.urlbar.richResults, which you could set to false to disable this new and shitty toolbar. This was removed, for some idiotic reason, as per that "bug". FF devs' rationale is, if you want the old url searchbar format, you could use an extension.

No, fuck you, I am not using an extension to do shit that MY BROWSER IS ALREADY CAPABLE OF DOING RIGHT NOW. So instead I decompressed browser.jar, opened up browser.xul in a text editor, and changed:
<panel type="autocomplete-richlistbox" chromedir="&locale.dir;" id="PopupAutoCompleteRichResult" noautofocus="true" hidden="true"/>
<panel type="autocomplete-richlistbox" chromedir="&locale.dir;" id="PopupAutoComplete" noautofocus="true" hidden="true"/>

Problem solved, I get the old FF2-style (i.e. SENSIBLE) url searchbar now. Now what completely BOGGLES THE MIND is why the FF devs decided to remove the configuration setting in about:config that let me do this without having to edit browser.xul. It's not like about:config needs the space, or doesn't already have eleventy billion OTHER configuration settings that are more useless and less likely to be modified by anyone, nor is it likely that the five-or-so lines of code that supported that option caused massive memory leaks or high CPU useage while idle (which, I see, is still an issue).

Basically Firefox is horrible and this is why I use Opera almost always.

Oh, I almost forgot, why is the default for max url results TWELVE? I had to manually set it to 999999 in about:config as well. What the shit, Firefox.
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