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This is the worst filter ever and basically I hate people

So I finally decided to do a frequency sweep test of my laptop speakers and fed them the following:

I got the following back out:

Jesus Christ, this redefines awful. Hope you don't want to hear ANY FREQUENCIES BELOW 125Hz AT ALL. Or, for that matter, want Middle C to be approximately half the amplitude of A440 because the next bit of the frequency response curve functions almost exactly like a single-order highpass filter with a center frequency of approximately 500Hz.

Also, I love the random peak at 60Hz because, of course, you can't have computers music without ground loop.

Holy shit.

I am still laughing. This may very well be worse than Bose(R) Acoustimass(TM) HorribleAffrontToAudio(TM).

Side Note: I checked in the source, audacity's "Hanning Window" is actually a Hann Window. Remind me to rename this and then yell at the audacity devs about this. Also yes I know audacity is horrible, I was lazy and in a hurry at the time.
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